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Hetty and P.J. met in literature classes in college and became instant friends, having the same taste in books, especially in the fantasy genre. They spent hours in cafés discussing books which eventually turned into collaborating on stories of their own. This practice continued well into their professional lives, though they lived at opposite ends of the country quite often, as circumstances dictated.  Now they live close enough to share endless cups of tea on a weekly basis. 
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Hetty worked for many years in a bookstore in Canada, and most of her wages went on acquiring as many books as possible. She lives with her husband and three cats in a small Canadian city where winter never ends, thus affording her ample time for dreaming up stories. She loves long novels with rich character development, a preference that has carried over to her own work.

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P.J. was born in England and spent part of her childhood in India. Her family emigrated to Canada when she was still young and she has lived there ever since. She studied English Literature at University and has always loved the magic of words put together to create worlds of the imagination. She lives with her husband in the country on a lake and is still surprised to find herself liking the country life.

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