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Time is running out—

Spring is fast approaching in Taihandria, and the spell that contains the magical fire set to destroy Solil is faltering. 

The civil war is escalating.

Colin Clought, Sun's lead singer, is trapped on Arethea because of ill-considered choices he has made that threaten both the Taihandrian Queen's reign and Colin's own freedom, if not his life.

Dejhan means destiny.


The future of Taihandria hangs in the balance. Will Manon and Robin return with the lost music that might put out the conflagration? Can the young Queen save her country?

And can Sun defeat the monster Dyavolus before it destroys them all?

The thrilling conclusion to the Tales from Taihandria Fantasy Romance Series
Colin in forest.png

"What a treat to pick up this book and be immersed right back into this adventure – it was hard to put down once I started! I like how the parallel stories build tension and urgency... I appreciate the scientific explanations that account for some of the differences between the two worlds – it makes the story feel plausible and the characters more real. For example, I find myself looking at the night sky and constellations a little more attentively! I’m so glad the story was extended to a fourth book."

                           Goodreads review

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