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Has magic followed Sun to Earth from Arethea?

A catastrophic magical fire threatens to destroy Taihandria.


The music that can put out the fire lies hidden on anostarja—ancient Solanese for "another star"—Earth.

Manon and Robin have two short months before the spell that holds the conflagration in check dissolves. Can they find the lost music of Galian di Wessene in time? And will they be able to return to Arethea even if they do find it?

Manon is overwhelmed by Robin's modern world, even as she keeps secrets from him. For his part, Robin wants Manon to stay on Earth with him, and finds reasons to delay their urgent search.

Earth's past holds the key to Arethea's future...but only if it can be found and returned to that world.

Book Three of the Tales from Taihandria Fantasy Romance Series


"Richly imagined and exquisitely detailed, Anostarja is the kind of book that reminds you why you fell in love with reading. As I did with the first 2 books in this series I had to slow down my pace as I neared the end as I didn't want it to end. This book is suspenseful, magical and full of surprises. I can't wait for the next instalment of the Tales from Taihandria series!"

                            Goodreads review

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