In the country of Taihandria, in the world of Arethea, the star gods have long since vanished, and their language—music—is outlawed since it has magical power and can change the very land itself.  When the Solanese sahhar Manon Valen secretly performs a daram, an ancient, long-forgotten song ritual, she desperately hopes that the spell will produce a champion that will unite her oppressed people against the repressive Taihandrian overlords. Instead, her entreaty is answered by the appearance of five bumbling troubadours—the English rock band Sun—from a place Manon has never heard of, Earth.


Varashti continues the adventures of the rock band Sun, stranded in the distant world of Arethea by a freak accident on stage. 

Robin, with his English friends Colin, Mick, Pat, and Stuart, are slowly learning how to survive in this new land, and while the lessons in magic and swordplay are difficult, the lessons of the heart are even harder to learn.

Follow the adventures of Robin and Manon as they search for Colin Clought's missing harp and the way home. 

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The mystery deepens as the Solanese sahhars and the rock band Sun search for the lost music of Coreval di Valois and Galian de Wessene. 


This book is currently in the works.

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