In the country of Taihandria, in the world of Arethea, the star gods have long since vanished, and their language—music—is outlawed since it has magical power and can change the very land itself.  When the Solanese sahhar Manon Valen secretly performs a daram, an ancient, long-forgotten song ritual, she desperately hopes that the spell will produce a champion that will unite her oppressed people against the repressive Taihandrian overlords. Instead, her entreaty is answered by the appearance of five bumbling troubadours—the English rock band Sun—from a place Manon has never heard of, Earth.


Varashti continues the adventures of the rock band Sun, stranded in the distant world of Arethea by a freak accident on stage. 

Robin, with his English friends Colin, Mick, Pat, and Stuart, are slowly learning how to survive in this new land, and while the lessons in magic and swordplay are difficult, the lessons of the heart are even harder to learn.

Follow the adventures of Robin and Manon as they search for Colin Clought's missing harp and the way home. 



Most of the rock band Sun have finally made it home to Earth, but their adventure is far from over. Together with her brother Fandor, Manon Valen has made the journey with guitarist Robin Wood to search for the lost music of the sahhar Galian di Wessene that will vanquish the monstrous fire in Solil. Stuck in Arethea, Colin Clought cannot return until he undoes the harm he unwittingly caused by letting loose the demon Dyavolus. But even more troubling is his accidental varashti with the Astrana Periclea.

Winter holds the fire in stasis, but time is running out and Arsaan of Braggen waits in the shadows. The survival of Taihandria hangs in the balance. Can the young queen save her country?

Curl up with a cup of kai and savour the tales told by troubadours about the adventures of the rock band Sun.


Dejhan is the fourth and final book in the Tales from Taihandria fantasy romance series. The series follows the adventures of the rock band Sun as they travel to Arethea, where music has magical properties.

In Dejhan, time is running out for Sun and their Solanese friends in the quest for the lost music of Galian di Wessene. But now that four of the band members are back on Earth, safe and comfortable, will they honour their promise to return to Arethea and help conquer the raging magical fire that threatens to consume Solil?

Manon Valen is still keeping secrets from guitarist Robin Wood -- secrets that might destroy their relationship. Robin, though, has his own agenda, hoping to entice Manon into remaining on Earth, wooing her with promises of life of luxury. And now that the darasham in Switzerland is gone, even getting back to Taihandria is going to be difficult, if not impossible.

Meanwhile, Colin Clought, Sun's lead singer, is stuck in Arethea. If his inadvertent alliance with the Queen of Taihandria was revealed, it could upend Taihandrian politics and destroy Periclea's rule. Arsaan of Braggen, traitor to the crown, has disappeared, but his malignant influence is behind every strange phenomenon, and the threat of civil war grows with each day he remains at large.

Curl up with a cup of kai and read the thrilling conclusion to the Tales from Taihandria series and the adventures of the rock band Sun.