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One song got them into Arethea. One song can take them home.

Varashti continues the adventures of the rock band Sun, stranded in the medieval world of Arethea, where music has dangerous and unpredictable magical power. The arrival of the English band has caused enormous political turmoil, overturned centuries of enforced laws, and led to a devastating war and plague.

Not to mention they released an ancient monster, Dyavolus, determined to destroy Taihandria.

The Solanese sahhar Manon Valen and Sun guitarist Robin Wood are still bound by the varashti and must work together.


She wants to keep him in Arethea to win her war. He wants to go home to Earth. In this contest of wills and hearts, what is moral, and what is right?

Seduction is a dangerous game. Someone will lose...​​

Book Two of the Tales from Taihandria Fantasy Romance Series


"I loved Daram and loved Varashti even more! Since I knew the characters from the opening page it didn't take long to become completely involved in the plot, the intrigue and absolute enjoyment of the follies and passions of our heroes and heroines....Lots of twists and turns appear to keep this volume a page turner much like the first one. I truly didn't want the book to come to an end and cannot wait for the next one! This series has opened my eyes and heart to a new genre of writing."

                             Amazon review

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