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Solanese Characters

Andris Desarris - resistance soldier, lieutenant

Aenith di Sulfin - daughter of Tierney di Sulfin 

Beren di Valeras - Princegrandson of Varan 

Danos Gosse - adept

Fandor Valen - son of Renan di Sarsolan

Fidessa Tuilliera - resistance soldier, lieutenant 

Garthen Terissan - resistance fighter

Jemar Jensiere - resistance soldier

Kiran di Telassar - adept

Leeta Hanar - aunt to Meranie

Lyran di Valeras - stepbrother of Beren

Lysira Desar - mother of Fandor, deceased

Manon Valen - granddaughter of Varan, sahhar 

Meraine Safir - mother of Manon, deceased

Meranie Jensiere - cousin of Jemar

Renan di Sarsolan - son of Varan, deceased

Rikar Forzan - resistance soldier, First lieutenant

Soriana Kizana
 - adept

Thriana Portunas - daughter of Varan

Tierney di Sulfin - Solanese healer

Varan di Sarsolan - sahhar

Taih Characters

Arsaan of Braggen of Taih - Prince, member of the Treiarch

Borshen of Enduran - Lord Protector of Taihandria

Bromidian - High priest of Krathane in Taihandria

Corven Dugal - Taih soldier who befriends Colin

Drevor Garebegan - Taih soldier

Foran Venera of Sunavla

General Foresham - Commander in chief of the Taih army

Ghironlem of Hadras of Haudelas - member of the Treiarch

Jasni Safrona of Riatu - niece of Jerina Saffron

Jerina Safrona of Riatu - member of the Treiarch

Menerosh of Eleran of Riatu - Prince, suitor of the Astrana

Narian of Janidar of Sunavla - Prince, suitor of the Astrana

Periclea Russan, Astrana - Queen of the kingdom of Taihandria

Ras Daras - Captain of the Palace guard

Rashana of Braggen - cousin to Arsaan 

Rohnitar of Shantra of Sanju - Prince, suitor of the Astrana

Shasterian - priest

Torasir di Vigenal - Tivalan pirate

Varya - Periclea’s maid

Yreth of Faradin of Tivala - Prince, suitor of the Astrana

English Characters
Art Rock Band Sun

Colin Clought - lead singer and songwriter

Robin Wood - lead guitarist and songwriter

Mick Penruddocke - Keyboardist

Patrick Bewdsley - Bassist

Stuart Eccles - Drummer

Anna Wood - sister of Robin

Eddy Wood - brother of Robin 

Marjorie Wood - mother of Robin 

Paul Wood - brother of Robin 

Robert Wood - father of Robin 

Jack Brand - Sun's manager

Dorian Cloyne - singer

Nigel Buttersworth, Tod Wheeler, Gary Nun, Miles Decker - roadies

Bryan Standish - record producer and sound engineer

Olendizarian Characters

Amorphel - High priest of the temple of Krathane

Isanthur Bashur - General

Jebistha - Krathanic priest 

Kesmeen Shardiar - Priestess and illegitimate daughter of the Emperor

Praxim - Krathanic priest

Sulemon ki Umershan - Emperor of Olendizar

Zahir Bashur - son of General Isanthur


Astrana – Queen or Princess

Astran - King

Antares - Lord, high ranking noble,

equivalent to a Duke 

Antara - Lady, high ranking noble

equivalent to a Duchess

Endor - equivalent to an Earl or Count

Endera - equivalent to Countess

Sahhar - highly gifted musician and sorcerer

Adept - practitioner of  musical sorcery

The Danae

Star Deities or Guardians who appear as constellations

Azora - spring

Pendalamione - summer

Rian - autumn

Ziamera - winter


Anorai - air

Arethea - earth

Faerocon - fire

Onarien - water

Other Constellations

Agroth - The Peacock: ill fortune, pride

Angrumar - The Lie: son of Krathane and Liegretel

Dalinar - Good fortune, merriment

Delasara - the Moon: night, imagination, emotion

Dyavolus - Malice, fear, creature of Krathane

Esire - The Beginning: Eros

Heliath - Sun: day, reason

Kifar - The Ass: foolishness

Krathane - The  Hunter: hatred, jealousy

Mogreeth - The Serpent: greed

Serana - The Harp: wisdom, faith

Sunara - The Swan: peace, harmony. Daughter of Serana and Trehandor

Trehandor - The Shepherd: yearning, longing

Historical Figures

Coreval di Valois - Solanese minstrel, gifted sahhar

Galian di Wessene - Riatuan sahHar, friend of Coreval

Tamindra di Valeras - Solanese noble and sahhar

Khezaria of Haudelas - sahhar and ally of Coreval

Marcantha Devorra - Taih noble who began the persecution of  the sahhars and Solanese

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